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Semfia provides realistic insights for individuals to invest locally in nationally recognized franchises as an asset, not a full time job. Get educated on your options besides the stock market.

Recession Resistant

Research need-based businesses that succeed in recessionary times for an investment you can be confident in.


Regulation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires disclosure in order to fully research the franchise's history, speak with other owners, learn about earnings, and more.


Profitable investment franchises starting from a tax and penalty free rollover of $50,000.


All our businesses include systems in place to succeed and be a sellable asset in the future.

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Kenny Rose founded Semfia after his careers in finance at Merrill Lynch and in the franchise industry as both in one himself and as a Franchise Business Broker. He realized that people want to hold a franchise business as an investment and not a full time job but they can’t get past that pesky F word. A graduate of San Diego State University's Top 10 Financial Services program, he has appeared on ABC, in the Amazon Best Seller "More Than Just French Fries" and been a featured speaker for the Small Business Administration, Small Business Development Centers of America, and SCORE.

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What Our Clients say

Marc S. - Digital Solutions Business Executive Kenny is an incredible asset when looking to identify a solid franchise opportunity. Incredibly knowledgeable of the franchise industry as a whole, Patient, Timely, and always pushing to make sure there is never a hold up from him or anyone he recommends. Working with Kenny has been one of the best experiences I have ever had when it comes to involving a 3rd party in seeking new business ventures, He goes above and beyond what is expected. Not only would I recommend Kenny, I will absolutely be looking to business with him again myself.
Celena T. - Education Consultant Kenny was totally amazing!! From the beginning, Kenny had a great sense of what we were looking for and what our business goals and values were. He explained to us what would happen in each step of the process. Overall we liked how, on every call, he guided us to keep thinking more deeply about what we wanted from this business venture. Kenny was always there to answer any questions we had and never hesitated to clarify details with the franchisor on our behalf. We were a little sad when our weekly calls ended -- but that was because we had purchased a franchise -- from Kenny!!!! He is first class, all the way! Thank you, Kenny for making this important somewhat terrifying experience into a truly pleasant and memorable one.
Steven C. - Former Technical Lead I am writing this letter of recommendation for Kenny Rose. Kenny has been instrumental in helping me find a new career as an entrepreneur. Kenny is very detailed oriented and through his processes he was able to determine the best franchise to fit my needs. He has an uncanny ability to ask questions that helped me see clearly on what were the right decisions and what I should be doing next during the franchise selection process. He definitely is an excellent communicator and never let the smallest of details be forgotten. Sometimes in our meetings Kenny would remind me of an important detail that I said previously that was critical for me in making a decision. Kenny’s organization skills and communications are exceptional and he always exceeded my expectations. Never did I ever have to wait for any information. If Kenny said he was going to do something it was done on time and completed thoroughly. I don’t know how he does it but I have never met someone like him that never misses a beat. Kenny also follows-up and monitors all aspects of the project so if there were any delays or concerns, they would be addressed promptly. Since being an entrepreneur was all new to me, sometimes things would get a little confusing. Kenny always ensured that things were being handled. If he couldn’t help me directly then he obtained the proper resources for me and then he always followed-up to ensure that I was completed satisfied with the results. If it wasn’t for his incredible perseverance I don’t know if I could have made it through the process. Kenny is definitely someone who earned my trust as he understood my needs and always kept me from making any costly mistakes. Years ago I looked into franchising on my own and nothing ever materialized. This time with Kenny’s involvement, a dream of mine is finally happening. Back then I did not know of services like Kenny’s however, now I couldn’t imagine moving forward without them. Not only did I purchase a franchise but through Kenny’s work I know that I made the right decisions that will continue to make me a success!
Jeff W. - Advertising Solutions Director Kenny’s professionalism, his expertise in franchise business models, and his easy manner makes business interaction with him both productive and enjoyable! There are many franchise concepts out there, and the discovery process is a long cycle, so it’s not feasible to evaluate the plethora of options on your own. Kenny’s thorough knowledge of the industry and well organized approach makes it easy to stay on course. He also places a premium on honesty and frankness, which is a bonus when you’re looking at investing in a business. It’s easy to recommend Kenny Rose to anyone looking at an income producing franchise opportunity!

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