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Semfia is similar to a realtor, investment advisor, or executive recruiter for the franchise world. We work with you to understand your goals, provide specific franchise brand recommendations, and assist you in your due diligence process. In lieu of franchises spending money marketing for new franchisees, they pay for our services out of their pocket and focus on building their business so it wouldn't cost you any more than doing all this research by yourself.


4 Key Benefits


Manager-run requiring 10-15 hours per week in oversight

Recession Resistant

Need-based businesses that can weather economic turbulence


Personal recommendations and help with all aspects of the buying process

401(k) Eligible

Fund using retirement assets, tax-free and penalty-free


Some of our Favorites

Children's martial arts

Positively Impacting Communities by Enriching and Empowering Lives


98 Open, Over 200 in Development


48% average EBITDA ($152k–$215k+)

Liquidity Needed

$75k cash or 401(k)

  • Based upon 4 partial weekdays 3-9pm
  • Simple, 60-day bailout: 1,200-1,600 sq.ft.
  • Only 1 1/2 employees!
boutique fitness

Non-impact Group Classes That Workout over 85% of Body's Muscles


75 Locations Open and over 275 Sold


Avg Revenues - $761,087 - Less certain operating expenses –27.3%

Liquidity Needed

$100k cash or 401(k)

  • Built in awareness for untapped market
  • Subscription based provides recurring revenue
  • Caters to broad age range and uni-sex market

Modern-day Version of the Vintage Corner Barbershop


130+ Locations Awarded


$70k 1st year net, over $140k when mature

Liquidity Needed

$100k cash or 401(k)

  • Free beer and arcade games
  • Fastest growing segment of $26B haircare industry
  • Hight repeat clientele

** Per 2019 FDD Item 19

Semfia works with hundreds of franchises in every industry imaginable. If you want to get tailored options best suited for you, use our Franchise Finder tool here.

Franchising Education

Before researching brands, understand franchising, ownership, and the research process. Learn from our On-Demand Franchise Training or schedule a one-on-one education.

Personal Franchise Recommendations

Combine our industry knowledge with your investor profile to get a tailored list of franchises to research.

Research Guidance

Weekly calls throughout your research process help you with all the necessary resources you need to leave no stone unturned and stay on track to determine if franchising is right for you.

About us


Kenny Rose

Founder & CEO

Kenny Rose founded Semfia after his careers in finance at Merrill Lynch and in the franchise industry as both in one himself and as a Franchise Business Broker. He realized that people want to hold a franchise business as an investment and not a full time job but they can’t get past that pesky F word. A graduate of San Diego State University's Top 10 Financial Services program, he has appeared on ABC, in the Amazon Best Seller "More Than Just French Fries" and been a featured speaker for the Small Business Administration, Small Business Development Centers of America, and SCORE.

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Check what our clients say about us

Along with his experience and expertise, Kenny's amiable professionalism successfully guided our exploration of investment vehicles. We're confident our plan of action will meet our long-term financial and personal goals.

Ariyah C.

Business Consultant

Working with Kenny has been one of the best experiences I have ever had when it comes to involving a 3rd party in seeking new business ventures, He goes above and beyond what is expected.

Marc S.

Product Manager

He's realistic about the pros/cons of franchise ownership and seeks to provide the right recommendations to meet each client's individual goals. Kenny advises his clients on industries that can withstand economic downturns as more secure long-term investments.

Nichole S. 

Real Estate Investor and Podcast Host


We've Got Your Back

How much does Semfia's services cost?

Rather than spend tens of thousands of marketing dollars to find prospective franchisees, the franchise's themselves pay Semfia for matching them with their ideal franchisees to save time and money. You do not pay Semfia any money and the franchise investment is the same if you went directly to them. It wouldn't cost you any more to get zero assistance and do everything yourself. 

How can I run a franchise as an investment when I have a full time job?

Through advancements in technology and franchise support, semi-absentee franchise ownership has become more available to investors. Your role as an investor is to manage a manager. Typically there is a time investment of 10-15 hours per week dedicated to reviewing Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), follow marketing campaign, and establishing and maintaining the location's culture.

How much money do I need to open a franchise?

Franchises have minimum net worth and liquidity requirements to make sure you can afford the investment without overextending yourself. We typically recommend a having a minimum total net worth of at least $250,000 with access to cash or 401(k)/IRA of $75,000.

To learn more, please visit Financing and 401(k).

How much money can I make in franchising?

Franchising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which prohibits any franchise or brokerage from making earnings claims other than what is stated in their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Within the FDD is an earnings claims section called Item 19 based on their past performance. Our clients have diversified from real estate holdings, the stock market, and many other investment classes after properly researching franchising and determining the investment of time and money was worth the returns.

How can I fund a franchise with a 401(k) without a penalty or being taxed?

The Rollover for Business Startups (ROBS) program has been around for nearly 30 years and is the most widely used way to fund a franchise both for the tax benefits and availability of funds that were though to be inaccessible.

Simply enough, ROBS allows you to do a 401(k) rollover just as if you were switching companies or plan carriers but instead of investing in publicly traded shares, you can buy shares of your own business. Because your funds are still being used for retirement you do not see any early withdrawal penalties or taxes. This strategy also allows you to reduce or eliminate debt when investing in a franchise because it is NOT a loan. There is no debt to repay or interest because it's your money.

To see how it's done, please see Financing and 401(k).

How does Semfia help me?

Semfia assists you in the franchise ownership process like a real estate agent does to find you a home.

We represent hundreds of nationally recognized brands in over 100 industries that have been vetted to determine the best return on investment, management strength, long term viability, and then determine what their idea franchisees are to provide the best fit.

We help individuals looking to diversify their portfolio into semi-absentee franchise ownership by first providing a deep understanding on franchising and the research process. From there we learn about our clients and gain insights into their investment strategy, career experience, and long term goals then match them with qualified franchises looking to expand to their region on a single-unit, multi-unit, or Area Developer basis.

After matching our clients with multiple franchises to vet we have weekly coaching calls to review their progress, understand what they do and don't like about the brands, and give active guidance for next steps. As mentioned above, all of these services come at no cost to you.

To learn more about franchising, explore our e-learning platform or you can book a consultation with us.

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