Children's Martial Arts Semi-Absentee Franchise

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A 15-year proven brand with robust business systems, training and marketing – If you are looking for a highly profitable brand that empowers lives in this era of video games addiction, tablets, bullying and ADHD, then look no further. Their iconic, humble and reputable Founder/CEO has been involved for 40 years. Just TWO employees – HQ helps select your full-time manager/instructor, then 1 part-time asst. manager & unpaid certified instructor trainees.

Schools are a simple 1,200-1,600 square feet. With turnkey Truss real estate & RPM construction/buildout services, owners can open within 120 days of signing after signing. The Franchisees are getting off the ground quickly. After dozens of pre-sales, they’re often cash flowing positive (60-80 students) by the 3rd month open! 80% of students are ages 5 to 12. They have a 501c3 Kidz Foundation that uniquely integrates us in elementary schools and PTAs. Mom & pop karate schools aren’t real competition. Their strategic marketing muscle, special leadership curriculums, character development and 95% student retention rate through belt ranking sets us apart. No Kid Sits the Bench!