If you’re like most people, you know franchising from fast food and mostly imagine someone stuck behind the counter all week long. Odds are you have never heard of a semi-absentee franchise and don’t know as much about about franchising as an investment as you do real estate.

What are Semi-Absentee Franchises?

Not all franchises require day-to-day management by the owner. If you think of the last time you got a haircut at big chain, you didn’t see the owner cutting hair.

Semi-absentee franchises are those that are designed to be manager-run and allow the owner to maintain a full-time job or other commitment. The franchisee works “on” the business instead of “in” it by managing a manager for 10-15 hours per week.

Owning a semi-absentee franchise allows you to develop an additional income stream and build a new asset at the same time.

How We Help

Semfia assists you in franchise ownership like a real estate agent does to find a home.

We work with hundreds of nationally recognized franchise brands in over 100 industries that have been vetted to determine which have the best return on investment, management, and long term viability, and understand what their ideal franchisees are like.

We help individuals looking to diversify their portfolio into semi-absentee franchise ownership by gaining insights into their investment strategy, long term goals, and career experience then matching them with qualified franchisors looking to expand in their region on a single-unit, multi-unit, or Area Developer basis.

We help you to determine if franchising is right for you by:

  1. Providing an education on franchising and the research process
  2. Giving specific franchise recommendations to research based on your investment goals, lifestyle, and skill set
  3. Coaching through the due diligence and research process making sure you have all of your questions answered to make an educated investment

How much does Semfia charge?

Semfia is paid by the franchise when a new franchisee is awarded just like an executive recruiter. This means there is no cost to you. It wouldn’t cost any more than if you did all the research yourself and contacted the franchise on your own.

Did You Know Franchises are 401(k) Eligible?

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